Wednesday, 11 May 2005

A reminder to myself

Yesterday, my dear aunt died. We knew that she was ill, but we didn't anticipate her demise. She was my eldest aunt from my mother's side. She was special, she was kind and she was warm to everyone.

Death is a fact of life. As Muslims and as human beings, we embrace that fact as well as the reality that this world itself is temporary. We were meant to be put on this earth to prepare us for the next world, the Hereafter.

Life is too short, they say. Many of us wander around in life without much thought about how our (already predetermined) end would be like. Would we leave this world as a person who has successfully earn the love and mercy of his/her Creator? A person who has contributed the betterment of other people's lives? A person whose absence is greatly missed by everyone, whose kind words and actions have touched countless souls?

Deaths is a part of our lives. So long as God gives us life, we are still given the opportunity to rectify ourselves. From time to time, we must look into ourselves, and ask, "what more can I do to improve myself?" More importantly, I must ask myself this question.

I cannot impose changes upon others , but I can certainly impose changes upon myself.


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