Thursday, 2 June 2005

Astro Boy quick quiz + result

Even if you're not into anime or manga, you've probably stumbled upon Astro Boy (or his real Japanese name, Tetsuwan Atomu) at some point in your life. He's virtually the Japanese counterpart of Mickey Mouse, that's how huge the little guy is.

Now let me quiz you this: which of the 2 pictures below is the picture of Astro Boy? Is it A? Or B?

Can you guess?

Wanna show off your anime/manga knowledge? Proceed to comments and write your answer. (And please be creative and not post comments as "anonymous", OK? Thank you.)

Quiz update


So far we (me and my nonexistent sponsors) have one entry from ieka, who said:
dah kate macam mickey mouse..tentulah B jawapannyer :D betul kan kan:))

She's going for B, folks.

We're giving the quiz 24 hours dateline, so anybody who wants to give it a try can still do so before the result is out.

(Maybe we should've throw in an iPod or something. People, after all, need motivation, no?)

The result


Finally, our 24 hours are up. We managed to get 1 entry, which is more than what we expected, and it's time announce the winner. But before that, we need to reveal the answer first.

The answer we are looking for is : both A and B.

Yes, both are pictures of Astro Boy, or his real name, Atom. B is the original robotic boy, and A is also Atom but in another manga series called Pluto.

Pluto is a retelling of a story arc in Tetsuwan Atomu called The biggest robot in the world. Pluto features a slightly different take on the original story arc, with a more grown-up-friendly dialogues and artworks by Urasawa Naoki. The original Tetsuwan Atomu manga series was first published in 1952 and Pluto made its debut somewhere around last year. More on Pluto in later posts, insya-Allah.

Pluto volume 1Astro Boy volume 1 US release

Atom was inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame last year, while Pluto recently won the grand prize in the 2005 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize (here are the winners list in English).

Our thanks to all those who participated or just stopped by to have a look at our short, no-prize-for-guessing quiz. We hope that you had as much fun as we did.


ieka said...

dah kate macam mickey mouse..tentulah B jawapannyer :D betul kan kan:))

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