Monday, 27 June 2005

Historic Taiping

I have a strange attachment to this town named Taiping. It is the currently my grandparents' town of residence and the birthtown of my mother.

Taiping, as I just learned recently, means "city of everlasting peace". It is one of Malaysia's most well-known towns because of its historical background.

I don't own a digital (or even analog) camera, therefore I need to rely on other people to share with you the many vistas of this wonderful place. My thanks (and apologies) to Mr. Preetam Rai, the author of betterdays, for capturing the sides of Taiping as I would probably see them. The photo shown is from

If you happen to be within close distances, Taiping opens her arms with welcome.


Preetam Rai said...

Hey, you are welcome. Yes, Taiping is a lovely town, I stumbled upon it one day on the way to Penang and liked it enough to stay back for a day.

rollie said...

You've really traveled a lot. If you're interested, stop by Lumut, a seaside town about 2 hours from Taiping. Beautiful place, recently renovated and clean. Best thing is it's not too crowded.

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