Sunday, 14 August 2005

Exam week

Finally, they've arrived. My 'D-days'. Please pray for me and may God repay your kindness. Thank you.


IeNa said...


Bittaufik wannajah fil imtihan. La'allaka mumtaz :)

rol said...

thank u. (my arab isn't dat good, i only understand half of what u wrote, sorry. i'm not a model student of 'the garden'.)

IeNa said...

Bittaufik wannajah fil imtihan --> semoga berjaya dlm exam.

La'allaka mumtaz :)--> Moga2 jadi pelajar cemerlang.

Takpe tak faham, lama2 guna nanti faham kot. My Arabic pun dah bersawang gak nih hehe.

rol said...

I think IIUM Playschool and Nursery children have a better command of Arabic than me.

IeNa said...

Hehe, you are not the only one who feel that way hehe.

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