Thursday, 18 August 2005

Good news, bad news #1

air mata air terjun
(A scene from Yakitate!! Japan, a hilarious anime about bread making.)

Good news: my accounting examination, the one that's slowly turning my hair grey, is postponed to Saturday morning.

Bad news: my cousin's getting married on Friday evening. In Melaka!

Sorry la, Abang Nasrul. Looks like I won't make it to your wonderful wedding. I've just earned some extra study time, but at the expense of not going to your wedding, where our pakcik-pakcik and makcik-makcik and cousins will be gathering. It's almost a family reunion, something we've haven't had in ages. Believe me, Abang Nasrul, that on the inside, I look like the picture above. I also hope that during your moments of joy, you could at least spare a thought or a supplication for your single cousin who will be grinding his brains trying to solve mind-boggling accounting problems while the rest of his family partake in generous spread of wonderful food that your family have kindly provided for all that are present on that day. I wish all the best of things for you newlyweds and may Allah bless both of you.


IeNa said...

Sabar bebanyak, i was at your position for several times already.

Sad huh?


Takpe, dlm menuntut ilmu ni mmg byk cabarannya :)

All the best for your accounting exam tomorrow :)

elissa411rachelle said...
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