Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Sumber Karam Singh Walia terbongkar?

Agaknya beliau akan singgah ke sini, setiap kali sebelum keluar Buletin Utama?

[ Kamus Istimewa Peribahasa Melayu ]

(Terima kasih, Jiwa Rasa)


dzul said...

Karam S Walia = timeless lolness

rol said...

I have to hand to him, he does stand out from the crowd.

(Wei, dzul, check email, aku ada benda nak offer.)

dzul said...

I read somewhere that those peribahasa he always said at the end of his speech actually come from some old "peribahasa" books found at some thrash site or something like that when he was a small kid and he still keep that book till now. Anyway, he's definitely one of a kind.

p/s: mail replied.

rol said...

Actually, according this article:
He carries a photocopy of a book listing some 4,300 Malay sayings with him everywhere he goes. He found this copy by chance, when his neighbour’s dustbin was knocked over by a stray hockey ball. The book never meant much to him until some 10 years later when he joined TV3. “Recently, a local publishing company sent me two of their newly-launched books, one entitled Kamus Peribahasa Kontemporari, the other on pantun and gurindam. It’s smaller and easier to carry around but I still prefer the old book.”
10 thing you didn't know about... KARAM SINGH WALIA

dzul said...

err rul ko dapat ke, tak, email yg. aku balas tuh?

rol said...

Tak, tolong tengok alamat aku betul tak, terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

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