Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Clearing clutter from the Windows desktop using Jedi Concentrate and denial

This is my Windows desktop. It's got lots and lots of icons. As you can see it's a bit organised but still looks cluttered.

Most productivity guru will tell us that clutter on our workspace will lead to a cluttered mind. I find this to be somewhat true. There's a gigantic sense of relief and freedom that comes from seeing our workplace cleared of towering stacks of papers, books, etc.

And Thank God for the people at The Software Jedi, getting rid of all the clutter is a cinch.

Jedi Concentrate (JC) is a tiny app written to emulate Exposé, a feature found in Mac OS. Once started, the app will dim the active windows including the desktop, except the window with focus (the currently selected window). The purpose is to allow us to be more focused on finishing what we're doing by dimming all other possible distractions.

This is JC in action. But this is not my desktop, but a screencap from a site called MOONGIFT (thanks!). (I tried to screen capture JC in action on my desktop but without success.)

Let's not forget the second ingredient needed for this task: denial. This is my desktop with JC activated, by a simple press of the F12 key.

Where are the many, many icons before? I can't seem to see them now.

A cluttered desktop? Mana adaaa......


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