Saturday, 26 December 2009

Back to the study desk

Early this month I received a rather important letter. It was the acceptance letter to do a doctorate in Education that I applied for a few months back. When I got it the orientation week had already started. I missed several orientation programmes but I was fortunate to not have missed the most programme of all: the pledge ceremony. The pledge ceremony was the one that made us official students of the U.

And classes began the next week, which made me felt like I have just landed on an alien planet. A lot of things caught me by surprise, including the workload. In one of the subject, we are supposed to read 8 books, one of it over 500 pages long. The thinnest was about 40 pages long. Not that I'm complaining. I see this as a challenge, but I do worry about whether I can do well in the course or not.

I also needed to get used to being a student again. I realised that being a student was a different mindset altogether. A student is someone who is always asking, rarely assumes and realises that it is OK to be stupid.

I am now re-learning all this. Clearly, I have forgotten a lot of things. Please help pray for me. Many, many thanks.


Anonymous said...

ganbatte ne!

r.o.l. said...

Thanks so much! Hontoni arigatou!

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