Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Working in groups

It seems that full-time students here at my school are literally swimming in the course work. Stop moving and sink yourself.

Group work is unavoidable. And for me, I have different people for different groups in different classes. Not a single person is in the same two groups as I am. Without me, these groups will be mutually exclusive in terms of members.

This can be to a disadvantage since the rest of the group may not understand the workload you're already carrying. They may ask for your contribution without knowing that you're already up to your nose with other things.

But it's not all bad. Most importantly I've managed to gain experiences from working with different people. There were moments of blazing debates and bruised egos. But there were moments when we learned new stuff from each other and shared a couple of laughs.

At the end of the day, we returned to same spot again, as friends and fellow learners, to fix ourselves a nice, warm cup of drink over at the beverage/coffee machine. We are united by our belief, friendship and our quest for knowledge and success.

And free coffee and Milo.

Meanwhile, this weblog will be taking a break for about a month. Come listen to the sound of My whirring head and let me know what you heard. Feedbacks are most appriciated.

Friday, 2 December 2005

The smell of bunga

The good folks at PTPTN sent me my annual balance statement (is this correct translation for Penyata Kira-kira Pinjaman?) for the past three years.

And I got my first whiff of the rotten smell of bunga.

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