Sunday, 26 February 2006

Whose bike is it anyway?

I read a story of a guy who complained to his friend that his car key doesn't work, even after he turned it upside down, jiggled it through the keyhole and forced it to turn. His friend finally knocked some sense into the guy when he showed him that he was actually trying to open the wrong car.

This reminded me of another story that happened my matriculation days. Back then most of us were pedestrians and public transportation users. My friend A was one of the few who had his own bike.

One day another friend, B, came to A asking to borrow his bike because he needed to go somewhere quite far. Without much hesitation, A handed B his key and asked B to be careful. It was morning.

In the afternoon, as A was coming back from lunch, he saw his bike exactly where he had parked it. A's mind began to wonder, did something happened to his bike that B had to borrow someone else's or take the bus instead?

Evening come, and A waited for B and an explaination. And not long after that B arrived and handed back A's bike key. A was surprised to see B acting as if nothing had happened. He however decided to keep calm and asked B nicely why he didn't take his bike.

I did, said B. A said earlier he saw his bike unmoved from the same place he parked it, at the corner of the parking lot.

That corner? I thought your bike is on the other side of the parking lot!

It turned out that B had mistakenly ridden all day long on someone else's bike that was coincidently startable with A's bike key.


moon said...

haha, nasib baik tak repot polis. It was a surprise that he can use the key to a different bike. Wonder if it's applied on cars too..hohoho.. (seriously I've tried once, ya la, out of curiosity. konon for my own car safety..hahahaha)

rollie said...

I don't really know happened next, either the owner made a report or not. But the matriculation days were the best. Many wonderful memories then.

dzul said...

kakakak funny story. Quite sometime ago this kind of things happen to me at pasar malam. I parked my ex5 bike next to the other ex5 and later after buying some stuff I returned back to my bike. As I'm about to throw the stuff I bought into the bike basket a guy with a "selamba" face stuffed his key into my bike keyhole. At first I was shocked, "What the heck this guy is doing? Trying to steal my bike or something?" then I realized he must mistaken my bike as his. It really tickles me, so I just keep standing there with my brother watching him with his confused face trying to force his key into the bike keyhole. What makes it more funny is that he just keep ignoring me although I was standing really close to him and even his younger brother (I guess) that was standing beside him also don't realize he's making a mistake. Only after sometime did I told him, "Eh, ni motor aku la.". He was surprised to found out that his bike is actually the one parked next to my bike. And he quickly turned away with his red face without saying anything and quickly went to his bike with his brother.

rollie said...

adoi, dzul, hang ni ada ja cerita :D aku gelak sampai sakit muka dok bayang apa jadi

Anonymous said...

happened to me too...our motor bike dah very was honda c70..the key hole dah loose teruk, so, any key goes inside which is 'startable'(hehe!)is the bike's key.


dzul said...

hee, tapi cerita hang lagi lawak. Aku asyik sengih je sorang-sorang bila teringat macam mana la mamat tu boleh pi pusing sakan ngan motor orang lain. Sehari pulak tu. Hang ingat lagi ka motor jenis apa yg dia bawak tu?

rollie said...

aku tak ingat la, budak mana pun aku tak ingat, engin ke law ke. motor pakai clutch rasa. bukan apa, teringat. nak kata mungkin pun, aku mana ada motor.

IeNa said...

hehe...series tergelak baca citer nih..comel jek rasanya si B gi selamba pakai bike org lain hehe :D

rollie said...

bennie: luckily, yours is very ancient. No worries there.

iena: tak lawan cerita dzul sbb tu cerita sahih yg menimpa penceritanya sendiri.

IeNa said...


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