Friday, 31 March 2006

Working in groups part 2

In last night's Strategic Management class, we had a rather fiery group-against-group discussion on a US telco called Nextel. Definitely one of this semester's most intense battle of wits (IMHO anyway).

Our lecturer, Dr. Y, has randomly sorted us into 5 groups and to my surprise I ended up with two of my former group mates from last semester (but actually it's relatively a small class). The team is completed with two other members, a new student form last semester's intake and a teacher with a rock star's hair from Maldives (he said he would never be allowed to grow his hair that way if he were teaching and his wife thinks it's very cool).

My Maldives friend is well known for his questioning ability. His questions will usually make the recipients (including lecturers) sit or stand uncomfortably or be taken aback for a moment, pausing in thought. You wouldn't expect anything less from a teacher now, would you?

The new student is an akak whose's also a teacher, I think. We haven't talked outside the group yet.

As for my old group mates, I owe them for what they taught me last semester. They help me to view things in the real world situation. I can be a bit too idealistic at times and we argued a lot (constructively, of course). But I admire their cooperativeness and analytical abilities. They're incredibly insightful people.

The others group are nothing to sneeze at either. They comprise of highly intelligent and capable people of tremendous experince from various industries. Needless to say, our Thursday nights won't be the same again. At least for several weeks to come.


IeNa said...


Friendship is expensive, especially when it gives you countless smiles, help and guidance in shaping you to be a better person in life.


rollie said...

Some friends 'shape' you by always bringing delicious food and 'belanja' you. After some time, you'll start to re-evaluating the friendship with this friend that has 'shaped' you so much.

dzul said...

Honestly I don't really like it when people that I just got to know want to treat me with something, food especially. I always feel uneasy about it although most likely they have good intention and thought nothing of it. On the other side some part of me feel bad if I refuse their 'belanja' invitation, it somewhat seems rude. Usually if they keep on insisting I'll just give up and take whatever they want to give.-_-

Anyway about group discussion, certain people can hold so strong to what they say even though they don't have any hard cold facts that could support them. I wonder from where did they got such confidence to be able to do that.

rollie said...

Well, dzul, when it comes people I barely know or just met, I'd decline their offer normally. But since I'm unemployed and most of my friends are, they may have been too kind by sponsoring me whenever we're out having food. I dunno, but it does bother me often. The problem is I can't afford to do the same for them. Not often as they do, anyway.

I have some friends who likes to buy food a lot and brings it to school for others to partake. To decline would certainly offend them, especially since they're friends and they've taken the trouble to go the the shop and grab something for us. But there's another problem. In terms of offered food, aku tak reti nak malu, ha ha. Tapi tengok dulu orang tu sapa.

As for the discussion thing, in class if you say something you must prepare to back it up and answer any rebuttals. But in real life, some people (like me) do have the tendency to talk even when the related facts aren't very understood. This is something that can diminish a person's credibility. I think we all should think carefully before we talk, and refrain from supporting things that aren't clear to even ourselves. Wallahua'lam.

IeNa said...

You guys are so complex!!

Rezeki dah ada tu, ambil jer..i dun think those people who offer you food has some bad intentions behind.

My guys..isk isk..jahat betul :)

Anonymous said...

Makan free in kena tengok jugak. Kadang-kadang orang nak santau atau guna-guna kita melalui makanan. Kita bukan senang-senang boleh nampak. Tapi ada satu petua dari ustaz-ustaz: kalau makanan tu panas bila kita pegang cawan atau pinggannya padahal ianya sepatutnya sejuk, dan sebaliknya, ada kemungkinan seseorang dah bubuh 'sesuatu' ke dalamnya. Wallahua'lam.

IeNa said...

Oklaa...perhaps your point is correct anonymous, tapi kalau geng2 sendiri yg offer food, of courselaa that person tu you know him or her very well rite? Jarang org yg kita tak kenal rapat sgt offer kita makanan, in my case mmg my classmates sumer rajin bawa food pegi class and kitorang mmg makan punyer, x pk kena santau ke apa hehe. It will be different ler if someone you dun know very well offer, but i believe kita kena selalu bersangka baik ngan org. Kalau Allah tak izinkan sesuatu mudharat itu berlaku, pasti ia takkan berlaku. Tapi apa pun mmg elok ambil langkah berjaga2 :)

Anonymous said...

bennie:Post grad classes are like that...after working for sometime, they have actually learnt that theory is only theory...relaity is one dirfferent entity. In school, we go by the book. In life...God knows!

IeNa said...

Hehe :D

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