Tuesday, 16 May 2006

The last time I had cake

During last night's class, my classmate Z celebrated her birthday. She didn't plan it, it was the other classmates who decided to bring cake, paper plates and serviettes. It was actually a 'there and then' thing, they heard that it was her birthday and ran to the nearest shops just before class. I only brought textbook and myself.

Halfway through class, cake slices were distributed. It was my dinner. A lovely chocolate cake sponge cake with chocolate cream and bittersweet chocolate chips.

It was also the first cake I've had in long time. Come to think of it, it was the first birthday celebration I attended in years. Well, not attend, but rather, 'happened' to be there. But in truth, rezeki, actually.

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dzul said...

Chocs cake, I love it. Birthday celebration, well I'm not really into it.

Few weeks ago a middle-age friend of mine said to me when some work colleagues want to celebrate his birthday, "Depa ni macam budak-budak nak sambut birthday". His face expression and the words he uttered back then make me lol'd. I just can't imagine how others would react if they heard him say those words.

rollie said...

It was a bit weird for me to be in a birthday celebration since in my family, we often just go out makan-makan or cook something special. No cake. Anyway, cakes don't have or need occasions, right?

dzul said...

hee I guess I just write things here since it'll be to long for the shoutbox.

So what's with your pc. Is it just that your OS got corrupted or is it because of the hardware?

Regarding the video, Feek never emailed me such video, may be because back then you guys didn't add me yet into the group email list? *shrug*

Anyway I presumed the video is the one that come from, right? The one where they pulled out the heatsink from the proccessors while running a game or something right? That is one old vid and tomshardware is well known among comp enthusiast to be biased towards intel by a lot, back then. Yup, those athlon proc doesn't have any thermal protection technology within the processor itself, but well, as for me I can't really see why would somebody want to run a comp without heatsink and fan lol. Heatsink won't fall off if it is attached properly. Beside if I'm not mistaken nowadays almost all mobo has this protection feature where if the processor temperature rise above certain degrees the comp will shutdown to protect the proc.

As for your info the current pentium desktop proccessors is actually way hotter than it's amd counterpart. A current single core pentium 4 proc from intel has thermal design power of at least 89W while those from amd would be around 65W - 70W. i.e intel current proccessors consume more power than its amd counterparts.
But what i'm more interested is intel's 64 bit tech has some sort of problem while amd's 64 bit tech is known to be supported by the 64 bit Windows for a long time already. For now I don't know if intel has sort this thing out or not. That is one of the reason why I'm thinking of getting an amd 64 bit proc rather than intel. But the intel low-end dual core currently available in the market is actually quite tempting, the Pentium D 805. It would only cost RM490 for the proc. But the buyer need to get a real good cooling heatsink since it is really hot.

One thing that I do like about intel proc is nowadays their proc has pinless design, eliminating the problem where the pin would bent or break if you are not careful enough when attaching it to the mobo in the assembly process or when cleaning the top surface to reapply the thermal paste.
Anyway the on-coming dual core proc from intel codenamed "conroe" is an interesting product to look out for. It seem with it intel has solved problems with their previous products as they are trying to get back the portion of the market they lose to amd last time.

Oh yeah, my 7 year old amd-k6 is still working. My brother place it somewhere in usm transkerian to serve as a public computer.

Anyway do I sound like some amd fanboy or something? Haha, actually nowadays I'm more into stuff that could give more value for my money but also give me less problems. To me AMD might actually become just like Intel if they got a bigger slice of the market.

And last thing is, take a guess at what proccessor I'm using for my current system? Hehe it's not amd lol. Yup it's an intel. P4 2.4A GHz Prescott with MSI mobo that use Intel 865 chipset. Why I bought it last time? Well it's cheap for a proccessor that has sse1,2&3 technology and it has 1 Mb L2 cache. But well I actually do have some problems with this system.

-The processor is hot. Stock heatsink fan will scream like some rocket propeller to cool it down forcing me to change to third party heatsink.

-The system's intel platform has some sort of compatibility problem with samsung PATA hard disk forcing me to sell the hard disk to amd user who has no problem at all using it. Is this coincidence or what?

-Intel chipset for mobo don't support IDE 133 hard disk transfer rate.

And few other minor things which made me realized that "you get what you pay for". It's not actually a real bargain but it is an okay system.

My brother is more of an amd person. He said he doesn't want to buy intel cpu because intel chips wafer is made in Israel. His lecturer told him this. I can't verify the truth of this, may be Feek can.

rollie said...

Yeah, hehe, I feel silly now. Why in the world would someone remove the heatsink and fan while the processor is still running? Thanks for knocking some sense into my baka head and for the loads of info. I'm actually a software guy. Hardware are expensive, and I stay away from things I can't afford. I'll consult you insya-Allah if my hardware go batty.

dzul said...

naah, please don't say so, may be those guy just want to show that intel proc could still be saved should the user didn't properly attached the heatsink and fan. Whereas if it is to happen to an amd proc it would be "bye-bye" case. Nowadays the protections for proccessor should be much better unless the user is doing some extreme things like overclocking a 2 GHz proc to 4 Ghz.

Talking about hardware, the things that I really hate is the annoying compatibility problems and those marketing craps those manufacturers spew to sell their products. Now I'm a bit afraid to do hardware recommendation for people that ask me. Sometime once you bought the hardware and plug it into the system there is a possiblitiy that it won't be compatible and will cause problems, atlhough "on paper" that particular hardware shouldn't have any problem with the system. Although this kind of case only happen once in a while you can feel guilty for being the guy who recommended the hardware, since hardware is usually expensive. The worst thing is sometime the shop are not willing to replace the good or refund the buyer if they tested the stuff with their own system and the stuff work properly. They might say that you have a damaged cable and stuff but even if you checked all the possibility that might cause the problem it still goes back to the new hardware.

Honestly my knowledge regarding hardware isn't actually deep enough but well if it just around the surface I might know a thing or two about it. :P

sha said...

fhaizal..:p its me.. sha 'ere.. soo sorry havent catch up lotsa things.. been bz lately.. i feel like am lost in the world.. nway take care dude!!May Allah bless u always..

rollie said...

dzul & sha,

I'm very sorry, couldn't reply to you soon enough. Busy like crazy this week.

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