Sunday, 9 September 2007

Empty email inbox (you gotta try it!)

I use GMail as my main email account. GMail has a couple of feature that I love, and one in particular is Archive Mail.

This feature makes your GMail looks as if it has at least 2 separate sections. One is the Inbox, for incoming mails. Two, the All Mail, where all archived mails are stored.

Here how it works:
  1. I read the mail that arrives in the Inbox.
  2. If I wish or need to read it again later, I could Label it (to make finding it later easier) and save it using Archive Mail.
  3. If I do not wish to read it anymore, I simply delete it.
The result is a clear Inbox. If there's nothing coming in, I'm greeted with an empty one. Since I don't get emails a lot, at most I will get is a bunch. The system helps me eliminate unread mails.

No more staring at 400+ mail in my Inbox (that's in my other email account, yet to be cleared into an empty Inbox). And that, my bro and sis, is why you gotta try this.

(Anybody knows how to make this system work for Yahoo! Mail?)


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