Friday, 14 November 2008

Speed up your PC's boot time with Startup Delayer

In case you aren't following the latest tech news, allow me to update you. Developers are currently working hard to make the PC boot up (start up) quicker.

Long boot time is a common PC problem, especially for older PCs. When the PC boots it will load the OS to get it working. But that's not all. At boot time other programs are also loaded, e.g. anti-virus software. It depends on the setting of the programs, some are designed to start during boot time. The more programs you have starting at boot time, the longer it takes of your PC to boot fully.

Some people, if their PC takes 5 minutes to boot up, they would go fix themselves a cup of tea or even do their laundry and later come back to their completely booted PC. Unlike them I have a patience-deficit problem. That's why I'm glad to find something like Startup Delayer.

Startup Delayer is a great way to speed your boot time. It works by allowing you to set how long should program's start up time be delayed. I chose 5 minutes for most of my programs and in about 1 minute I'm able to use my PC. I couldn't believe it at first, my 4-year-old PC fully booted in just 1 minute.

There are other ways of speeding up the PC's boot time, but I find Startup Delayer to be a flexible solution.

[ In Age of Impatience, Cutting PC Start Time (NY Times) ]


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