Monday, 12 October 2009

Syawal reunion

During this month of Syawal, by His Blessing, I was reunited with a few people with whom I have not met in years.

They are my cousins in the north. The last time I saw them was about 9 years ago. The two youngest ones were just little then. Now they are in secondary school. Their elder sisters are overseas, one of them managed to fly back home from Germany for Raya. I also haven't seen her in years. This is a young woman whom I am both envy and proud of. The eldest of the siblings is dashing young man who was once a very boisterous little boy who I grew with. Many Rayas ago we were suggested to go visit the houses in our grandparents' neighbour for duit raya. But we were too shy. After two hours of walking aimlessly from one corner of the neighbourhood to another, we came back with empty pockets. Other kids might have made RM50 or so easily on such a trip.

It was very bitter sweet. In fact, as we were sitting for lunch and munching kuih raya, I was remindng myself that is all real. Here they are, all grown up in front of me.Time has really passed me by. The grandchildren are heading into adulthood and soon the great grandchildren will make their appearances.

In this world there are many different kinds of family. On the same occasion we met a family of 16 siblings that are able to gather entirely for Raya year after year. Everyone and their own family would  flock back to the grandparents' home in Perak, where meals needed to cooked kenduri-style because there's just that many people to feed. I can't help but to salute these people. That's no easy job trying to keep 16 families united. Can my family pull off something like that? "Maybe" is the best answer I can think of.

But God know best. Miracles do happen, right?


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