Monday, 15 February 2010

Lat 30 Years Later

While going through some old stuff, I found this! I had no idea it was there, I thought Abah had 'donated' this away years ago.

Lat 30 Years Later is an autobiography slash essays slash portfolio. Unlike other Lat books, this is one is about the man himself told by the man himself, beginning with his joy-filled childhood and later becoming an young cartoonist, landing a job as a crime reporter, being discovered and drawing full time, and ending up where he is now as a very recognised, internationally acclaimed ambassador of all things Malaysiana. Included are keynote speech delivered by Lat in Osaka back in 1988, a tribute by artist and art critic Redza Piyadasa and foreword by Adibah Amin.

And the best of all is a 95-page section featuring some of his most recognised works: Keluarga Si Mamat, the graphic novel Mat Som, the artwork that appeared in Dewan Sastera and some wonderful Malaysian pieces (his best, in my opinion) like A Visit to Sabah, In Deepavali Mood, A Hakka Wedding and At a Sikh Wedding.

I got to know Lat when I was in primary school, and when Abah subscribed to the NST, waiting for Mondays (and Wednesdays and Saturdays too, if I remember correctly) for his "Scenes from the Malaysian Life." Now that we're reading another newspaper, I wonder if Lat is still with the NST.


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