Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Enjoy Your Life

Source: Dar-us-Salam Publication

While I was compiling the list in my last entry, I seemed to left out this book. I realised on hindsight that this was unintentional, but the reason for it wasn't clear until I really questioned myself about it.

Enjoy Your Life belongs to the same group of books as La Tahzan (Don't Be Sad or Jangan Bersedih). They're really self-help books written based on Islamic sources and the author's experience as a Muslim preacher, teacher, father, and student. I haven't read La Tahzan so I can't make any fair comparisons between these two books.

I didn't include this book my list because although I had finished reading it, I felt that I didn't read it properly. I definitely need to read it again one day soon. There are so much to learn, to think about, and to absorb. To simply say I finished it wouldn't do justice to this book.

English-language Islamic book serves at least two functions. First, it conveys the contents in English. For instance, reading a book about fasting that is written in English can help me better explain or discuss this act of worship with other English-speaking people. I'd learn how to express what I know using the English language. Usually the main terms would often be left in Arabic. A Muslim born in UK is likely to confused if I ask him if he's doing "puasa sunat" today, but could reply to my question if I had said "nafil sawm" instead.

The other function is as a source of English-translated Quranic verses and Hadiths, especially Hadiths because they're harder to find on the Internet than translations of the Quran.

This book fulfils both function wonderfully. You can read from my summary of the story of Jabir R.A's marriage, which is based on a chapter from this book. There are hundreds of other exemplary stories such as this in the 53 chapters of this book, all of them lessons on how enjoy our brief stay at this temporary world.


Afida Anuar said...

Nafil sawm...

it's true rol, reading english-Islamic books really help especially in communicating with other non-malaysian muslim regarding certain practices.

Seems i need to read this kind of book more! Asyik baca novel je:P

r.o.l. said...

We all need to. I need to read more novels. They inspire us to be creative with how we use our language. Hopefully, a good balance between fiction and no-fiction this year :-)

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