Thursday, 18 October 2012

The “Don't Be Sad” Diaries #1

You're reading La Tahzan, brother? My Ghanaian colleague inquired. I was on my out of our office, clutching the book in my right hand and the rest of my belonging in the other.

Yes, I answered, slightly surprised. I didn't realised that people were paying attention to what I was reading.

Aaidh Al-Qarni. It's a good book, masya-Allah.

Yes, I've only just started.

A good book it is. Don't Be Sad, or it's Bahasa Melayu translation, Jangan Bersedih, is quite the best-seller, from what I gather. It's a self-help book for Muslims that tackle issues both in life right now and life later in akhirah.

This is actually my second attempt to read this book. The first time I read it a years ago, I felt disconnected from Syeikh Al-Qarni's words. At the time, I suppose, I was in a very bad situation. My inner self was in turmoil. I would like to think that my inner self is in a better place right now. I hope. Because now I'm past page 80.

Source: Ammar Books & Audio


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