Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Attending Weddings Require Stamina

Last weekend my cousin held an engagement ceremony in Malim, Melaka. I was excited to go because it was partly a family reunion because some of my relatives who are living in the Southern states of Malaysia decided to attend.

It was great to finally see them again after so many years. My small cousins are off to school while the slightly elder ones are furthering their study at colleges. Some are even working already.

It made realize that we're in the middle of the school holidays (no one in my family is attending school anymore) and this is the time people flock together and decide to have weddings. In huge numbers. So nowadays it's no suprise to hear people say, "I'm too tired today. Weddings all day long." And I'm not talking about people who are involved in them, but people who are invited to attend them. I'm sure many of us have encountered the situation where we have several invitations in one day, the places for them are scattered miles apart from one another, sometimes even at opposite ends of the state. You'll have to manage your time, energy and of course, stomach, to be able to arrive and partake in the generous spread provided.

But it's always good to hear that people are getting married and getting invited to weddings. To all you lucky and lovely newlyweds out there, especially my former classmate, Khairul Azami: Have a wonderful, blissful life together and may God bless you and your families.


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