Saturday, 24 September 2005


My dear lecturers, there's something about me that all of you must know.


So, about those mid-terms and finals... they're actually hazardous to my health.

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IeNa said...

when will be your final exams? i had completed my qdm paper, another one will be on this becoming sunday :)

all the best for your exam :)

rollie said...

All my papers will start next week. Insya-Allah.

On the first night of Tarawikh...

ieka said...

chaiyo chaiyo.. gudluck and all the best..ganbatte kudasai.. :) takpe bro, ada berkatnya di bulan puasa tu nanti:D

IeNa said...


on the first nite of tarawikh?


Nevermind, tarawikh tu sunat and masih boleh dikerjakan secara berseorangan, menuntut ilmu itu wajib untuk semua orang.

Pasti berganda keberkatan usaha dan dipermudahkan exam, insya Allah :)

Are2 said...

So skrg nie tgh 'demam xm' la ek... Tak pe, as long as u do all your assignment and came to classes, i think everything will be fine... InsyaAllah

Study smart, study hard... U can do it!! Good luck ya... :)

rollie said...

Arigatoh, ieka-san. Ganbate yoh, neh?

Thanks for the wishes. We have one ex-Al-Azhar student in our class, maybe we could get together and perform tarawikh.

Physically, I attended every class, but mentally I was everywhere on this planet and others. Heehee.

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