Sunday, 30 July 2006

Akatsuki revealed!!!

(Note: Forgive me, I have lost myself to my gushing-Naruto-fanboy side. I'm writing this just to get a couple of things off my chest. Anyway, if you dislike anime or manga or Naruto, please ignore this post entirely.)

(In case you're clueless, from left ot right are Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke)

Naruto, mainly the manga, has somewhat gone a bit tamer lately (i.e. less battles). However, the recent chapter #317 seems to suggest that things are about to change. Revealed in the chapter is a double page artwork featuring members of the much speculated, much feared criminal (terrorist?) organisation in the Naruto universe, Akatsuki.

Originally a 10-member legion of the most powerful and wanted missing nins (ninjas who have severed allegiance to any ninja village and are generally considered as a threat), its existence has been shrouded in mystery, until now. With the their plan rolling in motion, Akatsuki is set eliminate anyone who stand in their way of total dominance.

Leader of Akatsuki, name and face yet unknown. The shortest guy of the bunch but everyone seems to be taking orders from him, though.

Kisame. His character design is based on the shark. Expert of water-based jutsu (technique). Partners with Itachi.

Itachi, brother of Sasuke who is Naruto's former teammate. Once murdered his entire clan, except Sasuke. Itachi is Japanese for weasel, a symbol of bad omen in Japanese cultural belief.

A possible female Akatsuki member. Has blue hair and wears a flower. Identity, face and ability still unknown.

Hidan. Believes in Jashin, a religion that promotes destruction and death. His weapon is a huge 3-blade scythe.

Kakuzu. Hidan's partner, but doesn't seem to be enjoying the arrangement. Believes in the religion of moneymoneymoney.

Deidara. An artist at heart, an expert of clay sculpture jutsu and explosives. Formerly Sasori's partner, now Tobi's.

Tobi. Akatsuki's newest member, joined after Sasori's demise. Formerly a subordinate of Zetsu. Wears a huge orange mask. So far the liveliest and funniest member. Could he be a good guy in disguise?

Zetsu. Has an attachment that looks like the Venus flytrap on his body. Seems to have dual personalities. One of the higher ranking members of Akatsuki.

A couple of other missing nins have also filled the Akatsuki roster before.

Sasori. A fearsome ninja with puppet jutsu expertise and once Deidara's partner. On their final mission together, Sasori was killed by Sakura (Naruto's teammate) and his own grandmother, Chiyo-ba-sama. (IMHO, it was the last great battle of the series)

Orochimaru. Formerly the #1 villain of the series. Left the group to further his own evil ambitions. Both Orochimaru and Akatsuki now acknowledge one another as enemies. He was seeked out by Sasuke who wants revenge against his brother, Itachi, and they are now allies. His character design is based on the snake.

My interest of any story is often sparked by the villains, as the strategic sparring partner for the good guys. Without doubt, the emergence of the Akatsuki has renewed my interest in Naruto and I'm breathless to see how their presence will shape the future of the series. We're hoping for the best, Kishimoto-sensei!


dzul said...

Aiseh tak percaya aku, hang pun baca Naruto. Aku pun ada baca gak tapi lepas Sasuke pi cari Orochi cerita dia macam kurang best sikit la. Bagi aku, time yang paling best tu bila cerita tumpu kat Gaara punya masa silam.

Hang ada baca "Hunter x Hunter" dak? Karya mangaka "Yuyu Hakusho". Aku tengok Naruto banyak cedok benda dari "Hunter x Hunter" la. Seketoi-seketoi pulak tu.

rol said...

Naruto ni bukan la favourite aku, tapi bolehlah sebab aku faham ceritanya. Aku setuju, time dia fight Gaara antara yang paling best.

Hunter X Hunter belum baca lagi. Ada lagi ke kat kedai? Aku tak nampak dah manga Comic House pun. Tak tau la, rumah aku jauh dari kedai. Aku lebih suka Bleach, sebab lukisannya.

Tapi yang betul-betul aku minat ialah Pluto. Yang ini memang aku ikut dan sentiasa tak sabar nak tunggu sambungannya.

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