Wednesday, 2 August 2006


A lot have been reported and said about the happenings in Lebanon and a lot of emotions are running high from all sides as a result of them.

But the truth is that I feel that somehow, in all the happenings, I have a share of the blame. If I'm right about this, may Allah forgive me and guide me to help rectify what's wrong.

(I think we're all looking for answers.)


dzul said...

Not only you, actually we Muslims, all share some part of the blame.
The sad thing about muslims is when we are not being oppressed or at war with any bad kind of kufrs we'll start to go against each other.

Anonymous said...

Bennie: Qana massacre happens (again!)last time in 1996...I read in one of Zion sites, saying that ' One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail'..guess that explains the non-interest of minimizing the effects of war on civillians.. :( Yahud,laknatullah!

rol said...

I remember from a tazkirah, the speaker said that ulama say the technology of man are like spider webs. They look strong but in a swipe they can destroyed. God has all the power. Others have nothing. If we truly believe, we will have nothing to fear and we will be successful. May Allah guide us to correct our faith, amin.

Anonymous said...

Bennie: Let there be the strongest of patience in every heart of the lebanese & palestines.

IeNa said...


I wonder what OIC is doing rite now.


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