Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Fell for it

Google got me good.

Last Sunday, Google unveiled a new service: GMail Paper. Google will offer free delivery of printouts (hard copies) of emails in GMail at no cost, "with photo attachments are printed on high-quality, glossy photo paper" ("MP3 and WAV files will not be printed"). The paper used will be "made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum".

Whoah, I thought. I went through the site looking if they would deliver here. Without luck. I was a tad disappointed.

Until I learned earlier today that the service was announced (*slaps forehead*) on that time of the year. Haha. I should've figured out the whole thing when they mentioned sputum1 and "MP3 and WAV files will not be printed".

1Matter coughed up and usually ejected from the mouth, including saliva, foreign material, and substances such as mucus or phlegm, from the respiratory tract – yes, I shamelessly copied the whole definition from an online dictionary.


mudin001 said...


rol said...

Google did at least another (and way funnier) 1/4 prank: The TiSP: hi-speed Internet access via the toilet bowl and sewage system.

"We believe that all users deserve free, fast and sanitary online access."


ieka said...

oitss betull ke..wahhhhh mcm best je gitu..:D ni boleh print banyak2 ke ni..betui ke ni..hohoho >:) ko dah ada success story nanti habaq mai..nak try juga:D

rol said...

My dear ieka, it was an April's Fool prank...

ieka said...

cheh tipah tertipoo
tu lah taknak baca abis..ahahah
amboii mudinn gelak awak.. sampai ke melaka boleh dgr:P

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