Friday, 20 July 2007

Full Circle: A friendly guide to Linux Ubuntu

As Linux grows more user friendly in the last few years, a lot of us are thinking now would be good time to get our feet wet with Open Source. But making the transition can be quite a challenge, especially if you're beginner with no idea where to start.

Well, breathe easy, young grasshopper, because one of the friendliest-looking guide has just arrived. Full circle is a PDF magazine about Ubuntu Linux and its cousins Kubuntu (Ubuntu + KDE), Xubuntu (Ubuntu + Xfce) and Edubuntu (Ubuntu Linux for education). True to the collaborative nature of Open Source, the magazine is put together by a team of volunteers using Open Source software (Inkscape, GIMP and Open Office).

Issue 1 is impressive, IMHO, because it features a walkthrough of how to install Ubuntu Linux, with full colour screenshots along with tons of other Linux-related info. Two issues have been released so far and issue 3 is currently in the works.


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