Thursday, 5 July 2007

Picked up lines

Some interesting things said by people and read by yours truly.
  1. The bullet you don't hear is the bullet that hits you.

    An army saying, quoted by US science fiction author Greg Bear during an interview. He was talking about how the US government shouldn't only be concerned with the threat coming from outside, but also threat coming from within the homeland. Bio-terrorism came up, and Bear exposited how advancements in biotechnology may make it easier for people outside labs to create deadly pathogens (in similar ways to how hidden garage labs makes meth).

  2. Lupus est homo homini (man is a wolf to man)

    Old Latin saying... and still very pertinent today.

More later, insya-Allah, if found.


mudin001 said...

Bro, komen ini tiada kaitan dengan your posting.

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rol said...

Thanks. Will consider it very, very, very, very considerably.

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