Monday, 7 January 2008

Branding exercise

The new year (both Gregorian and Hijrah) is time to move on to new things. So here I am, trying to make changes in my life, this blog included.

For this blog, I was thinking of giving it a makeover. A new template that makes reading much easier, if possible. Yesterday afternoon was spent doing that. I uploaded a few snazzy templates and tested how they looked with respect to the content. (One of them was a radically impressive.)

Unfortunately none of them were met my expectations. Some had brilliant colours but tiny font size. One in particular (the radically impressive) makes everything look like they are on a canvas sheet. But it has a tiny space for the title.

I could go through the codes' template line by line and tweak them to my liking. But I realise that I do have as much free time as I used to. My CSS knowledge has also gone rusty a bit.

Maybe I'll try again some other day. I was really hoping to get this blog looking brand new immediately.

One change that has made here, if haven't noticed it already, is the title. This blog is roughly 3 years old, and it has undergone name changes more times than its age number. (Yes, branding isn't quite my forte.)

The previous sidebar blog title sign is now replaced with a central header. It's quite big. If you experience loading lags because of it, please let me know.

Finally, I hope the new year and changes will bring good things, insya-Allah. For all of us.


mudin001 said...

Haha.. selamat bersalin kulit :)

rol said...

Fikir-fikir balik, antara kulit dan isi, isi lagi penting. Jadi rasanya lebih baik saya baiki isi daripada salin kulit.

Dan tahniah, mudin, atas kelahiran puteri sulung. Semoga membesar menjadi hamba solehah dan pembawa agama ke serata ceruk alam. Amin.

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