Sunday, 9 March 2008

A entry for the history books

I was thinking the same thing as some of the politico-pundits: the GE results would be shocking. But I wasn't sure whether it would a good or a bad one.

I consider myself as apolitical in my writings. I have my own opinions, but I only share them with people close to me.

It's now a day after the GE. Those In and Out have been named. The new government is taking shape. I'm grateful to God for an election that didn't end in bloodshed or violence.

Time to work, elected servants of the people. You have a lot answer for from now on. Million of eyes are fixed on you. Time to prove yourselves, put aside your differences and work together. All the best. May God help us in all our sincere endeavours.


dzul said...

I've got the feeling something is coming but never expected such big surprise. It's been one day but still I'm anxious to see what will unfold in the next few days.

ieka said...

guess i feel the same.. wonder how and what the new government will be doing... who is in where.. uhuks.. hopefully it will be the best for all.

rol said...

Too early to tell, innit? I hope there won't be any aftershocks. I got a lesson in how easy for people in power to change policies, when I talked to a friend yesterday. Changes and resistance are likely to happen. Anything but not to see our Deen compromised. We all must uphold it, at least in our hearts and our lives.

Sasuke v. Itachi: ada ikut? Bilalah sorang daripada depa dua orang ni akan jadi Kassim Selamat?

Kenduri JJ, apa rancangannya?

dzul said...

What you've said remind me of Orwell's "Animal Farm", have you read it before?

And yeah I still follow the manga but the plot this time doesn't excite me much compared to the previous one.

rol said...

Animal Farm. I have a copy lying somewhere in one of my partitions. Haven't read it yet. I'm thinking of doing more coverage on ebooks, but since I sort of broke my laptop, getting it to work properly has a been problem. I did a lot of ebooks reading on it. It's harder to read for long periods of time off a CRT monitor than an LCD. Thanks for reminding me about it.

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