Monday, 24 March 2008


So this is what I do. I compensate for my lack of writing with a tweak in the layout.

Behold, a new header. Er, masthead? Banner? Whatever, it's the thing sitting at the top of this blog with the title in it. Sure, it's not the coolest in the world but I'm happy with and glad about it.

And it's in red. I tell you, red is not exactly my colour. You won't find me in public wearing red. If you do, you can safely assume I may be forced against my will to wear it. I don't hate the colour, I just think it's a bit too strong for me. In fact I find yellow, coral or peach more tolerable.

This whole red thing going on is actually my attempt at breaking out of my own box. I just hope nobody's eyes will get hurt in the process.

Anyway, credits should be where they're due. The thingy above was done using Inkscape, the wonderful open source the scalar vector graphics (SVG) editor. SVG is much, much smaller than JPG or PNG, making the header's size small and faster to load (I hope).

My gargantuan thanks to mulomen, the person who shares the SVG of the RAF 977E van over at the Open Clip Art Library. Great job, couldn't done this without it.

And a big bouquet of gratitude to SMeltery for the font Audimat Mono. Love it, and the other free fonts being offered too.


dzul said...

some changes huh.

A gps device as a replacement for misplaced map: few hundred bucks

Guide from God: priceless

for everything else: there's always mastercard :P

haha jgn marah

rol said...


I appreciate the joke, but I'm more happy that you've manage to sense the message behind it. You've always been one who sees the alternate view.

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