Sunday, 18 May 2008

Working Muslim

There's an amusing line I read from a career development blog: "8 jobs before turning 32." Heh. I'm halfway there already.

My new job is starting to look up. Not that's a downer to begin with, but we get into that awkward first few months where we stagger along our roles, expectations and so on. It's not easy, especially when your boss is someone you know before you work for him. But give it some time and insya-Allah things will slowly fall into place.

I also got a lot advice about work recently, including on the intention of working. We do know that finding a halal means of living is commanded in Islam. In the same way, we are forbidden from stealing or begging or any other form of evil or dependency anything other Allah.

And that's the tricky part, to work with our hearts depending on Allah. Our alim ulama says that Allah hides himself behind this world to test our faith. Who will believe in things and beings and who will believe in Allah himself. Do we see that our company is handing out money to us on pay day, or it is Allah gracefully bestowing just a tiny portion of His infinite wealth?

If we believe that our sustenance is from Allah, then we must try our best to obey Him and not provoke His displeasure. We work with sincerity, not for recognition, wealth or anything else. Because of Him only.

Of course, that takes a lot effort. Such belief doesn't appear in our hearts magically. It's up to us to remind ourselves and other constantly, and be careful of anything that may tarnish our sincerity. Work is ibadah if we perform it with sincerity and remembrance of Allah.

Where am I in my own sincerity, I have no idea. But may He help me and us all, amin.


mudin001 said...

Bro, sejak bekerja pada Disember 2003, aku juga sudah punya empat kerja. Empat kerja dalam masa 5 tahun. Masih ada 5 tahun lagi sebelum aku mencapai 32.


rol said...

Zaman dah lain, kan? Dulu whole life employment dan employee loyalty merupakan sesuatu yang lazim dan dijangkakan. Tapi ramai yang dari generasi sekarang yang melompat-lompat. Macam k...anggaru.


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