Monday, 5 May 2008

The return of MS Office (into my life)

I'm one frog that's been sitting under the coconut shell for far too long.

I've been OpenOffice exclusively for nearly 2 years. In my new job, I'm reunited with ol' MS Office, now the 2007 version. And what's this? The "ribbon" interface.

A lot of things come to mind when I work using the ribbon. One is feeling impressed at how much improvement MS has added to its aged office productivity suite. It's certainly looks cool too.

On the other hand, this definitely changes the learning curve. Finding ways to do things like adding tables and formatting the text may take users some time. (Or maybe it's just me.) Familiarity is important because it helps with intuitiveness.

One thing I dislike about Office 2007 though is the difficulty to get it to save file in older formats like Word 2000, for example. But this the same with OpenOffice, where it saves your work in its default format unless we specify otherwise. However, with Office 2007, I had to dig deep into the options to find and enable the 'Save As' function. This is not the way to score points in terms of user-friendliness.


mudin001 said...

Bro, dah lama tak menjenguk ke sini. Dah tukar kerja ya? Selamat berjaya dengan kerja baru. :)

rol said...

Ya, kerja dah tukar, tapi semakin hari semakin terasa macam kerja tak bertukar. Different aquarium, same fish. Hehehe, kidding only. Apa pun, bro, terima kasih. Kerja sekarang amacam? Dapat lunch+date selalu ke? :D

mudin001 said...

Haha... samalah kita!

Lunch+date? Awal-awal hari tu setiap harilah. Sekarang dah sibuk, tak boleh selalulah. Lagipun banyak kena keluar ofis. :)

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