Thursday, 19 June 2008

What's your kid's name again?

I am a horrible uncle to my friends' children.

I am single and surrounded by people, married people, who blessed with their bundles of joy. There's this baby delivery express train going about and making stops at my friends' houses. It's one baby after another, almost like a chain or something. Amazing. Oh, and this train also make stops at relatives and cousins' houses too. So things like this can happen.

Me: Thanks for the call. Give my salam to your kid, Fulan-fulan.

Friend: But my kid's a girl. Fulanah-fulanah.

Me: Oooohhhhhh...right. Yep, yep. Fulanah...Lovely name, by the way.

Oops, wrong kid. And wrong parent.

It's back to Facebook and Friendster and blogs and other whatnots, to go have a really good look at the pics of my friends' kids, proudly posted by their parents.

To my dear friends, and cousins, with new born kids, whose kids I got their names wrong, Uncle rol is deeply sorry.


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