Saturday, 18 April 2009

Karateka: don't mess with the princess

I find clip especially funny because I played this game back in primary school. (This was the time when I thought that a school's computer room is where we go to play computer games.)

Karateka is one of those beat bad guys and save the princess/girl kind of games. We play a karate fighter who goes into a series of connected rooms, trying to beat the bad guys waiting in each of them. Beat a bad guy in a room, move to the next. Repeat. Until the game's boss's room. He's the bad guy in clip, the last one in the game. Beat him and we get to go to the room where the princess is held captive.

The princess we see us come in and hold out her arms. Run into her arms and the game ends, with a happy ending.

Unless... we try to fight the princess.



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