Sunday, 17 May 2009

Literary Wonderland

I'm currently making my way through A Hundred and One Days: A Baghdad Journal. Åsne Seierstad writes about her experience as a reporter on duty in Iraq. She was there at when the US was about to begin their occupation.

Back in 2007, a bomb exploded in Mutanabi Street, which is actually one of the famous book markets in the world. In the book, Seierstad mentions the book market a few times. She also includes a very amusing saying.
Egypt writes, Lebanon prints, Iraq reads.
(Somehow this made me think of Habiburahman El-Shirazy.)

I was moved to learn more about this place. The Sacramento Bee did a wonderful photojournal report on it. With renovations are on the way, Mutanabi Street is coming back to life.

Is there such a wonderland here in Malaysia? Please tell me so I can go there.


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