Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wunderlist is a simple, cross-platform to-do list manager I love using

One of the most important advice my mother gave me when I started working was to have to-do lists. I could be buried under tons of work, and the emails and phone calls would be coming in, sometimes almost endlessly, each with new tasks for me to complete. With my trustly to-do list in hand, I entered them as they came, sorted them according to priority, and tackled every one until they're completed. By end of a working day, seeing my list with nearly all tasks ticked off and completed never fails to bring a smile to my face.

This is why I love to-do apps like Wunderlist. In addition to using the good ol' pen and paper, Wunderlist lets me keep my to-do lists easily update-able and available, thanks to its cross-platform design.

Getting started with Wunderlist is really easy. First, we create the lists using the Add List button. Lists give context to our tasks. We can put personal tasks and work tasks into separate lists. Think of it as having separate lists on separate pages. This gives us a clearer overview of all the tasks we need to do.

I create a list for every project I'm involved in. This helps me remember which tasks is related to which project. A new task in created in list simply by typing the input bar in each lists. I can move tasks between lists simply by dragging and dropping them. Each tasks can be given a date and reminder.

The tasks can be rearranged by click-dragging them over or under one another or using Stars. Stars are normally used for priority tasks, but Wunderlist doesn't restrict the use of Stars for this purpose only. We can also put Stars on recurring tasks, tasks that need to be done repeatedly, like taking out the trash or doing a weekly review of all our projects.

And that's it. Wunderlist also has other features like creating lists and tasks via email and list sharing, but  I haven't tried them out.

What I love most about Wunderlist is its cross-platform design. We can use Wunderlist as web-app through its website and install it on our Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

I use the Windows-based desktop version of Wunderlist more often than the web-app version because I find it more stable. It works both with and without Internet connection. I'm not always online, so I'd really appreciate it if my apps would work just as well when I'm offline.

Wunderlist synchronises our lists across devices via Internet connection and keeps them updated. For smartphone users, Wunderlist is also available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.

I recently tried Wunderlist on Android and its works almost just as good. The Andriod phone I tried it on has a smalll screen and this made it a bit tricky for me rearrange tasks in my lists. But if you're using Wunderlist on bigger device, say a Galaxy Tab with a 7-inch screen, you won't have this problem.

So, are you ready to take your to-do lists to the next level? Sign up for a free Wunderkit account and upgrade away.


nahmy said...

السلم عليكم ورحمة الله

definitely this wunderlist can do wonder, but I'm more into post-it-note kind of person. I guess I'll need time digesting it. nice info bro by the way...

r.o.l. said...

Alaikum salam WBT. Thanks. One feature I hadn't highlight is reminders. This is where Wunderlist excels over paper methods. Even so, I still trust the paper method and I'm trying to integrate and using paper and using Wunderlist in a workable system.

to-do said...

Hello guys!

I really like your information..

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