Tuesday, 13 February 2007

This blog may be renamed. Again.

The doctor told me to reduce my coffee intake, to prevent any long term health complications. I'm switching to warm milk for the moment (fresh milk heated until about slightly below boiling temperature). Still looking for names (and substitute beverage).


dzul said...

Lol, are you a coffee addict?

"air ketum" should be a good substitute.<_< >_> rofl j/k

rol said...

Not quite an addict, more of an ardent drinker. Anyways, since being a post-quarter-century-old person my stomach has stopped from 'agreeing' with certain foods, including cili api which I use sometimes as an appetizer (when the taste feels bland). In other words: dah tua ni kena pantang la sikit.

Air ketum? LOL!

dzul said...

kau minum kopi biasa atau beli biji kopi dan kisar?

Aku dah lama tak kena kopi ni, rindu pulak kat espresso :P

rol said...

kopi biasa ja, bang. instant, hehe.

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