Thursday, 22 February 2007

Fix DLL errors with Dial-a-fix

I have at least experienced DLL (dynamic-link library) errors twice, once on Windows Me and recently on XP. This type of error results in a Windows Explorer warning and if we look at the error's details we'll bound to see something is wrong with a .dll file. The problem on Me was that it failed to display image files (.jpg, .gif) in thumbnail view. I went over to and found the fixes for the problem. Seconds later, everything was alright again.

The recent problem was trickier. I had no clue what was the cause. Everytime I wanted to access my D drive, Windows Explorer issued an error warning and forcibly closed my D: window. I was told it was an ole32.dll problem.

I tried searching via Google for ole32.dll errors, but nothing useful came up. Scandisk and System Restore didn't help much. It was days later when discovered this migraine-curing solution called Dial-a-fix.

Dial-a-fix is small, fast and a snap to use. Just check the boxes for the errors you wish to fix and click 'Go'. Dial-a-fix also fixes other Windows-related problem such as Windows Update and DirectX issues.

I felt incredibly relieved when everything was quickly back to normal. This nifty little tool is definitely going into my software toolbox.


dzul said...

wah, nice ware thanks.

Gonna try on my friend problematic pc later.

rol said...

Also, dzul, try Sysinternals Suite. It's got tons of diagnostics tool for all kinds troubleshooting.

dzul said...

ok, thanks.

Btw Naruto dah jadi macam menarik balik sekarang ni. Sasuke vs Orochi. Aku dah lama tunggu part ni hehe.

rol said...

Orochimaru is no slouch, even Naruto had problems taking him down in his jinchuriki form. This is definitely an interesting turn of events.

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