Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Launchy 1.0 comes with newly added wonderfulness

Checked out Launchy yet? The new version 1.0 of this awesome program/file launcher is a good way to start because it now includes a few new useful plugins and features:
  • Explory: No need to click My Computer. Launchy can open the window of the C: drive by simply typing 'C:'. Same with all other drives.

  • Foxy: Launchy now indexes Firefox bookmarks for even easier access.

  • Weby: To search on Google using Launchy, type in 'Google' followed by tab and your search. Launchy can also search in Amazon, Wikipedia, MSN, Yahoo!, Live, Weather, Dictionary, Thesaurus, IMDB, Netflix, and MSDN. The plugin also alows Launchy to open typed in URLs.

  • Calcy: A simple calculator that can perform basic arithmetic operations (BODMAS).

  • Got a USB drive? Launchy 1.0 supports a portable mode, allowing us to use Launchy on other computers.
The best thing about it is it frees me from using the mouse too often, giving my wrist a rest. Searching and accessing my stuff is definitely faster now, but only if I've properly customise Launchy and remember what's the file's name. Read the Readme.pdf file for information on how to make Launchy work for you.

Once I was looking for a PDF file without setting Launchy to recognise .pdf file types. I thought Launchy wasn't working when instead it was my mistake.

Overall, this new version is a tremendous improvement of the previous version. Very much recommended.

[ Launchy 1.0 Final ]


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