Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Man and Boy

This one of the very few books that I actually re-read.

Harry Silver had a touch of the mid-life crisis. Plagued by doubt, fears and short-sightedness, a slightly drunk Harry wobbled into the bed of a vulnerable female colleague one night. For someone with a decent job and an adorable family, that was the tipping point. The end.

A new beginning awaited Harry, a life without his talented and beautiful wife Gina. Gina is now an opponent and their son the prize. The contest: who'll live the happiest without the other.

I'm not sure if a female reader would understand this book the way a male would. I loaned this to a close female relative and she didn't think much of it.

I re-read Man and Boy because its struck a nerve with me. I don't understand why Harry would throw his marriage over a stupid thing like this, while at the same time I do. The inside of Harry's head feels frighteningly similar, I almost couldn't believe what I was reading.

I'm not sure much we males and female understand our differences, especially when it comes to the brain. Business guru Tom Peters believes that no way men can design a women's product. Not in the way women design would. So he says, stop pretending like we can.

Man and Boy is not the most brilliant book I ever read, but it did made an impact on me in terms of its insightfulness. Hats off to Parsons for a painfully real journey into the male mind. It's also very, very funny, and have known to make grown men weep.


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