Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Here, have some more Herriot

Boss: Did you you enjoy the Herriot books I lent you?

Me: Tremendously. Here they are. Thanks a zillion, boss.

Boss: Good. Here you go.

*Boss drops a stack of more James Herriot books*

Me: Err... Actually, I was hoping to go home with a lighter bag...


mudin001 said...

waa... bagusnya boss. Haha!

rol said...

Herriot mungkin satu-satunya minat kami yang sama. Dia lebih ke arah Stephen King dan Nora Roberts.

ieka said...

selamat membaca!! :D aku dah sudah lagi dgn buku2 ko tu..tunggu ek..ehheh penat berpindah thn ni:p

rol said...

OK, ieka, but don't take too long please...

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