Friday, 2 November 2007

New blog on the block: Chasing the Imaginary

199x. The place, a lecture hall where an Islamic Knowledge class was being held, somewhere in a matriculation centre. The class was almost finished.

"Any questions?"

A hand went up. The lecturer gestured to approve.

"Sir, how do astronauts pray?"

Stunned silence. Everyone turned to the questioner. You can almost hear the lecturer's brain rattling.

"That's a very good question. You know, this is the kind of question we Muslims should be asking." He couldn't provide the exact answer but he was continued to discuss the role of Islamic Knowledge in these areas.

I don't know about my classmates but I know I was mind-blown. So much that I still remember the question till day, and it's been a while since the year 199x. With the recent flight of our angkasawan, I'm glad to know that the Department of Islamic Development had prepared a booklet on how to perform ibadah in space. (Sadly, the booklet is not available online.)

At least I know now that the question I heard back in 199x has now been answered.

Let me introduce you to the questioner just now. He is my old chum, one of the first persons I met when I entered the matriculation centre.

He is Rafeek, and he has started a blog. Not just any blog. He only has wrote two post so far, but they contain more knowledge than my entire blog.

Go on and pick Rafeek's brain at Chasing the Imaginary.

(Pretty clever title, don't you think?)


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