Saturday, 28 February 2009

A place to hang

My father built a small balcony on the back wall of our house. My mother said our house doesn't have a space for hanging and drying our laundry and my father is not keen on having them hanged and dried on the front lawn.

So he enlisted some help from a contractor, an Indonesian pro who has become a family friend, to build a rather simple and small balcony, using concrete as its building material, metal bar as railings and a transparent plastic sheet as the roof. Structurally and architecturally, it is very simple and small.

The balcony is built it at the back of the house because this is the side that faces the sun as it rises. It makes the clothes dry faster.

I estimate that balcony's area would comfortably accommodate three sitting adults of average-size. While it sounds like a nice place to spend a breezy afternoon, the balcony does suffer from one major drawback. It is facing an abandoned house. The house behind ours hasn't been lived for a few years now. And it hasn't been cleaned.

One crowd however doesn't seem to mind this at all. They couldn't care less about the view or the size. We haven't heard a single complaint from them, ever. They really dig the balcony. In fact, they would come hang out here everyday.

And "they", in case you haven't figured it out yet, are the neighbourhood cats.

(Photo by L@ura*)


ieka said...

cute.. mcm sekumpulan harimau kecik aje cara mata mereka memandang.. heheh

rol said...

Gambar ni aku amik dari Flickr, bukan gambar kucing yamg ceritakan tapi rupa tu ada la akan-akan.

Sebenarnya seronok tengok diarong lepak-lepak... rasa macam nak jadi kucing pun ada...

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