Monday, 4 July 2005

My turn... go blank.

Over time, you'll find yourself mulling over what to write. And what NOT to write.

I know a friend who hasn't updated his blog in ages. Not because he didn't write anything, but because he wasn't ready to post it. So many of his writings stay as drafts. Perhaps it's because his blog is one that's slanted towards political opinions and discussions, thus he has to be extra careful about what or who he's writing about.

Me, I'm the least politically-savvy among my peers. I do hold views about things, but I prefer to question and ponder quietly and see how wise people handle things. They make the least fuss but they get their points straight and swift.

I remember there was a great alim who happened to be famous for being quiet. He didn't talk much when he was alive but he when he said something, they make complete sense and people listened to every single word. He was a great alim and many other scholars acknowledge him as the more knowledgeable among them. His father wasn't an alim like him but was in fact a lawyer.

At one time, the scholars were faced with many problems. None of them could agree on anything and it took them a long time to draft up proposal of solutions to the problems. All the proposals would be presented before the great alim and they would like to hear his views. They also expected the whole thing to at least take a few days to be finished.

Finally, the alim arrived. He went throught the whole thing and gave his answers. Surprisingly, his answers were short and concise, a reflection of how high his level of Islamic understanding is. Everything was done in about half a day, much, much sooner than earlier expected. Everyone was satisfied and relieved.

After answering the final question, he asked asked if there is anything else and of course everyone said no. Sensing the jemaah's astonishment at how fast things were handled, the great alim said jokingly:

"You know, I am after all, a lawyer's son."

Of course, wisdom do play a part. And I have none of it which makes me nowhere near their league. I think it's best for me to listen and learn. I still have a lot empty brain spaces left and I can fill them up by making/taking notes of these people.

Or I could convince my father to go to part-time law school.

Now see that

Good news from Blogger. Blogger now comes with an image uploader which means it's now easier than ever to post pictures or maps or diagrams in blog posts. Thank you, Blogger.

I've uploaded a screenshot of tasktoy for my previous post about it. It helps people understand why I've mentioned it as a no-frills when you can for yourself how simple it looks and works. Insya-Allah, more pics and screenshots coming.

By the way, I'm still blank.


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