Thursday, 28 July 2005


What is it about papadom that I find so irresistible? Yesterday, we fried an entire roll of papadom and barely by the day's end I myself alone managed to finish about 5/8 of them.

The persons who taught me the wonders of this crispy delight are my Tok and Tok Wan. Papadom is a common item especially found in the kitchens of North Malaysia households. Sometimes when we go balik kampung, we the grandchildren would raid the kitchen for papadom. Then when meal time comes, Tok Wan would ask for papadom, since it is normally eaten with rice and lauk, and Tok would tell him to turn his head towards us. All the culprits would then smile back slyly at him like guilty foxes who cleaned out the chicken coop.


ieka said...

awat tagboard takleh gune brother? tapi takpelah..aku tulis je ape aku nak tulis in short form ok (mmg..aku bz bangettt:P):

1. aku pun suka papadom:))
2. rajinnyer ko membaca buku2 berpekdah
3. cantik layout baru. simple, kemas dan nice.
4. u are really good in writting la actually brother..really good. i do love your postings.. keep it up ok walaupun u found out that ur sitemeter not increase or whateva it is, doesn't necessarily mean nobody likes what u wrote.

oklah. tingin nak pinjam buku pasal burung demi burung tu, tp bile plak nak baca :p

rol said...

wah, sejak xde tagboard ni, laju gak blog ni load. so biasakanlah diri dgn ketiadaan tagborad ni, sbb rasa mcm nak biar je camni.

1. papadom...BESTTTTT, kan?
2. xdelah apepun, skrg kena ngadap buku teks smula, buku lain tak bersentuh sgt. T_T
3. mcm nak gila aku tweak layout ni, cari color seswai tak jumpa2 sampai nak give-up. last2 aku amik color dari website aku. heh. barulah lena tido.
4. aku bnyk observe great ppl r often writers s well, so mayb there is something to writing dat makes them write. aku xkisah sgt org ramai dtg ke tidak, i'm more towards improving my writing. feedbacks from everyone r always welcome. n yeah, i know my grammar sux.

buku psl writing slalu buat aku terharu sbb isinya sgt personal & raw kdg2 aku rasa mcm baca kisah aku sendiri. termasuklah 'bird by bird'. everybody can write actually, but it takes time n patience n practice. aku takda apa nak citer psl hidup aku, tak mcm org lain. aku ni biasa je, nothing particularly interesting.

are2 said...

haluu... nak menyampuk leh... :b

aku nie sbg end-user nak la buat komen gak. actually, aku respect org yg ada blog nie, sbb aku nie jenis yg maleh, suka baca blog org je. blog menuntut seseorg itu menumpukan sepenuh perhatian dan komitmen. aku nie jenis yg tak buat keje multi-tasking, kene buat satu keje, satu masa je. and lagi satu, i'm very afraid of commitment he..he..he.. :b

tul kata ieka tue, fhaizal u have a good talent in writing. what u write are various, quite interesting la... keep up the good work ya...

sal study lak, at this level, the method of learning is different. not a lot of lecture but plenty of presentation, but 'alah bisa, tegal biasa', everything will be ok lah... but just remember, the people who talk a lot, doesn't mean that they know a lot, just prepare ur material well, so that u can defend urself.

ok la, study smart na... chayong...chayong... V(*.*)V

IeNa said...

I like very much your writings, very nice actually.

Compared to mine, mmg hopeless hehe :)

rol said...

well, compared to others, mine isn't as meriah. only few of my friends blog.

but i was touched n honoured when a rather well-known malaysian blogger, cikgu lee, blogrolled n linked to me. i nvr expectd it but it was one of my most memorable blogging moments. we nvr met in person n i nvr thought he bother to read my insipid jottings, let alone link to it.

thank u very much for your support cikgu lee n i hope you'll b blogging back soon.

ieka said...

then, i supposed urs ade unsur2 pendidikan jiwa dan pengetahuan juga la .. (bukan suppoosed dah, mmg pun.. :) ).

*tersenyum teringat msg2 private di TIKL Board. Al-Hamdulillah, u found ur way dah nampaknyer.. ;) *

rol said...

*tersenyum teringat msg2 private di TIKL Board. Al-Hamdulillah, u found ur way dah nampaknyer.. ;) *

sbnrnya, things hasn't changed much. but it's now better, alhamdulillah.

HarryPot said...

sorry...ieka & shahrul, both of u r extikl ke?

HarryPot said...

sorry...ieka & shahrul, both of u r extikl ke?

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