Wednesday, 13 July 2005


stock.xchng is one of my favourite spots on the Net. It houses a huge collection of stock photos for both commercial and non-commercial uses. I go there because I love looking at beautiful photos and the fact that I don't own a digital camera.

I was there not so long ago, scouring its archieve for a photo for a photo-editing project. While I was there, I found some photos of signboards sent in by people from all the world. These are some that really caught my attention, and they are a 'sign' that the world is one big funny place. Or at least, that's how I see it.

Most signboards are hanged or mounted. But this one is left floating on the sea's surface in order to serve its purpose.

Due to the rising number of accidents involving mosquitoes, the local municipal council decided to put up this signboard.

"Oh, people, come on! Have a heart..."

Can't seem to find the summit you're trying to climb? Try turning right.

Some people simply like to make generalizations about everything. And a number of them ended up working as signboard makers.


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