Thursday, 1 March 2007

Naruto new season. Now with Sasuke

(Warning: image-heavy post.)

It's a natural progression. Dragonball went on to become Dragonball Z. Sailor Moon preceded Sailor Moon R. And Saiyuki spawned Saiyuki Reload. Sometimes in anime, a new season means we get to see additional letters or words in the original title.

And Naruto becomes Naruto: Shipp┼źden (Hurricane Chronicles). The new season premiered on 15/2 on TV Tokyo.

Hurricane because, as discovered recently in the manga, Naruto is a wind-element ninja.

The new season opens with a one of pivotal scenes in the Naruto saga. It's more of a preview because it's not supposed to take place until later in the season.

Now's here the quick update: two and a half years has passed since Naruto's former teammate, Uchiha Sasuke severed his tie with the ninja village of Hidden Leaf to become a follower's of Konoha's enemy, Orochimaru. Sasuke is seeking to avenge the death of the members of the Uchiha clan at the hands of his brother, Uchiha Itachi, an Akutsuki member. To become stronger, Sasuke has chosen the darker path: to train under Orochimaru. Naruto meanwhile trained under Jiraiya, a master of Orochimaru's calibre as well as his former teammate.

In a mission to infiltrate Orochimaru's secret underground hideout, Naruto and Sakura ends up in a unexpected reunion with Sasuke.

Chills down my spine, this one. A good way to kick off the new season, since Sasuke has been missing from the series for some time now and many (including myself) have been waiting for his return, which will definitely shakes things up.

Bring on the next episode of Shipp┼źden!


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