Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Resident Tourist Part 1-3

Perhaps in the minds of many (Singaporeans or not), Troy Chin may have done something that is rather, well, daft. After a few years as a successful music manager in New York, he decided to quit and returned home to Singapore to pursue his interest: comics.

According to Troy himself, the Singaporean comics industry is almost non-existent, which makes his decision to become a comic artist even more baffling. Ignoring all critics and naysayers, Troy went to work immediately. The result is a couple of self-published series and the three-part (so far) The Resident Tourist.

I'm not sure if The Resident Tourist is entirely autobigraphic. Some time in 2007, the story's Troy is back in Singapore, trying to explain to everyone including himself why he's home when many other Singaporean are trying to make a break abroad. The reason for the return was never fully explained. This puts Troy on a journey to rediscovery Singapore where he encounters sceptical acquaintances, development, childhood memories and odd dreams starring Alf and Thom Yorke.

As a Malaysian I find The Resident Tourist very insightful. I get to know Singapore a bit more other what I see in Phua Chu Kang (that's how much I know Singapore). I do wish Malaysian comic artists especially the younger ones would strive to do the same.

The Resident Tourist Part 1-3 along with the rest of Troy's are readable online at his website. Part 4 and 5 are rumoured to be in the works. Over here only Part 3 is available in stores in hardcopy.


Afida Anuar said...

This Resident Tourist, is it similar to Lat Kampung Boy?

Btw, ROL baca semua jenis buku eh?


r.o.l. said...

Tak ada nak dikagumki. Bukan semua buku saya mampu baca. Ada juga yang ditolak ke tepi separuh jalan, seperti Mrs Dalloway, yang pernah saya sentuh dahulu.

Kalau nak dibanding, The Resident Tourist lebih dekat kepada Mat Som daripada Kampung Boy. Cerita alam dewasa.

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