Sunday, 8 May 2005


Before moving from my old place to here, I decided to do some renovations. Since I'm planning to stay here for some time, I might as well make myself comfortable.

I tinkered around a bit with the layout, as you can see. I wish I could design my own original layout, but that's going to take some time and there are still many things that I haven't learned about web design. So I'll just have to be content with working over other people's work. The original layout was designed by Douglas Bowman, who runs his own design company called Stopdesign.

I purposely avoided using too many pictures and colours because I was actually trying to go for a minimalist design approach. A famous example of this design approach is the Apple iPod digital music player. The minimalist design philosophy emphasizes 2 major factors: simplicity and functionality. That, and the fact that I'm terrible when it comes to choosing the right colours for my webpage layouts.

The header section of this blog is replaced with the picture above. I downloaded it from stock.xchng, a repository of stock photos that are free for non-commercial use. I later edited it using The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), an open-source and freely-distributed image editing software. Yes, I love free stuff. Especially free software.

I use, an Internet bookmark sharing service, to sort out my posts according to topics. Now everyone skip the topics that bore them to sleep and go straight to the ones that don't. My thanks to Marnie Webb and the participants of this forum for this awesome tip.

The whole renovation process took me about a week or so, but I'm glad the way things turned out. Alhamdullillah. With all the work now behind me, I can finally move on to other things.

Like writing a new post. Or, go have my breakfast.

I think I will go with suggestion no.2 first.


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