Friday, 6 May 2005

Back where I started

(...I never thought I would be doing this... )

Hello, everyone.

Yes, I'm back here. After long thoughts and a little persuasion by some friends, I've decided to give this place another shot. While I still don't believe anybody would actually come here to read anything that I write, I plan to treat this place as my 'creativity sandbox'.

No, you'll unlikely to find anything here that will win me a Pulitzer, a Booker or a Sasterawan Negara award (or even a nomination, for that matter). Just more of the usual stuff that I used to put here. But hopefully, I've wisen up a bit since the last time and make more sense to all of you.

However, I am grateful for your visit. I thank God for giving me the chance to become better at what I'm trying to do and I hope to continue writing about things that could be useful to all of us.

Do wish me all the best. And thank you again for coming.

Late(st) news

Here's an overdue update: my homepage is now finished. Sort of. (Truth is, I don't know what else to put there.)

Selamat datang, welcome, ahlan wa sahlan!


blondito said...

Dude, you're like acutlly seriuos about this!!! Thats awsome man! Right on! I, like, respect you or something like that!!!!

blondito said...

YOYOYO! Its me again! dude thats some deep stuff youve ritten. i like it.

rol said...

thanks, blondito. i appreciate it.

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