Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Quarterlife crisis

This never occured to me before. We've probably heard of midlife crisis, but quaterlife crisis? Apparently it's the transition stage that twentysomethings go through from after graduation to life in the "real world."

Ah. So that's why I'm feeling a highly displaced quantum entity in a sea of solid unknowns for the last few months. Or like the fly that accidently fell into the ice cube tray and ended up being frozen in the freezer.

Quarterlife crisis, eh?


ieka said...

After the last 3 years, i guess i just have the ability to stabilize myself in this quarterlife crisis.. just able to actually absorb the impact while laying back on chair without forget to breath and be calmed. hehe leks bro..leks.. u can do it..chaiyo chaiyo.. go go fighting.. :))

Are2 said...

Yup... one step at the time... just remember, life it's not easy, but if u just stay focus, know what you wanna do with ur life, u will be fine...

rol said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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