Tuesday, 23 August 2005

Them crazy days are over

The dust has finally settled. My cousin's wedding is over. My mini family reunion is over. My mid-term examinations are over. My convocation day is also over. Which means that my days as an undergraduate student are over. So are my days being around my comrades, trading anime, borrowing computers games and going out to mamak stalls for dinner. They too are no longer.

Time to return to life as usual. I have a presentation and term paper due as well as possible job offers and a class that I'm suppposed to teach on how to use Powerpoint but it seems to be postponed every time I asked about it that I wonder if there is going to be any class at all as the final examinations are just around the corner.

Anyway, congratulations to all IIUM graduates of the recent 21th IIUM convocation that ended last Monday on receiving your 'files' (instead of the usual scrolls, which I think is a good idea as it helps prevent the female recipients from getting their 'air sembahyang terbatal' due to 'accidents' involving the some Sultan's or male VIP's hands). The recipients on the first session were the lucky people who got to bow three times, in front of three royal dignitaries: the Sultan of Pahang (IIUM's Constitutional Head) and the Sultan and Sultanah of Johor, who were there to celebrate their anakanda's, the Puteri of Johor, graduation.

Everybody had a wonderful time, especially the parents and the parents of the award winners. I had the chance to meet some of old comrades like Mior and Che, and we talked for while. And as I left the campus grounds after the ceremony was over, my mind kept wondering when will I ever get to see my comrades again.

I think I'm gonna miss them crazy days.


Are2 said...

CONGRATULATION ON YOUR CONVOCATION... Be proud of yourself, cause you really deserve it... Hope you'll have colorful and successful days in front. Just focus and take on one step at the time... :)

IeNa said...

Same wish as Are'2's :)

rol said...

thank u. dah tue baru nak grad...

IeNa said...


Cepat atau lambat bukan masalahnya, yang penting adalah pengajaran dan pengalaman yang ditimba, applicable untuk semua aspek kehidupan :)

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